Update on my Health Issues

Shalom Chaverim,

I told you before that I was sent to see two specialists. One of these was a neurologist, which I have seen. It was a long wait to see the other specialist and that happened today. Getting in to see this specialist was a whole story. The short version is that I was initially referred to someone who was supposedly on my insurance, but was not. I had one visit with that specialist, they ordered blood and imaging tests but I was not able to go to a followup appointment, when it turned out they were not on my insurance. So I had to find a new specialist and the earliest appointment I could get was over a month out (today). Today I took those tests into the new specialist, and he said I need to see a different type of specialist *immediately*. He literally called a colleague on the phone and got me an appointment *tomorrow*. I do not yet know the reason for the urgency, he did not tell me and wanted me to see the other specialist ASAP.

So today’s Specialist copay was $70 and tomorrow’s is $70. I expect the new Specialist will want to run tests, perhaps tomorrow, and those will have big copays at all… and at this point I won’t be able to afford any tests, I can barely afford the copay for the visit.

With the economy down, donations are way down. We have raised less than $85 this week! Rent is due in just over 24 hours, the electric is due, my health insurance bill (huge) is due and our car is in the shop having the transmission replaced (plus my wife has a dr. appointment tomorrow and has to pick up a prescription she *must* have, that is over $100!

Now more than ever, we need your help ASAP!

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