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There is a lot of talk about getting back to the “New Testament Church” but two things the “New Testament Church” did not have, were a “New Testament” (it was yet to be written, and that is not what they called it) and a “Church” (the met in homes and synagogues). Yeshua (“Jesus of Nazareth”) did not come to create a new religion, but to be the Jewish Messiah of Judaism. The original followers of Yeshua as Messiah were not “Christians” but a sect of Judaism known as “Nazarenes”. While these Nazarenes used the 27 books known to Christians as the “New Testament”, they did not call them by that name, and they did not use the Greek New Testament, but the original Hebrew and Aramaic versions of those books, as well as a fifth Gospel known as the “Gospel according to the Hebrews” (this was actually an original, unabridged version of the Gospel of Matthew). These Nazarenes shared much in common with the House of Hillel Pharisees, in fact Paul, a ringleader of the sect of the Nazarenes, actually identified as a Pharisee as well as a Nazarene. These Nazarenes also held much in common with the Essenes, with both groups calling themseleves “The Way” and the “Sons of Light”. These Nazarrenes had a concept of the Messiah as the “Word” and the “Son of Yah” which was very much like that of Philo of Alexandria and that found in the Zohar.

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