Update on my Wife’s Hospitalization

(Above, my wife in pre-op a few days ago)

Shalom chyaverim,

I got home from the hospital Thursday night (after 14 days) but the crisis is not over yet. My wife Kitty has come home under home health care. She has returned from the hospital with an anti-bionic resistant infection. Very few, very strong antibiotics affect this infection. and they are only effective intravenously not orally.

A nurse comes to our home to visit her several times a week, and she is getting I.V. antibiotics at home, which I have been trained to administer to her once a day. The antibiotics alone are costing us almost $200 a week (for two to five weeks).

I have lost count of all of the specialists of which she is currently under the care. But during the next week she will need to follow up with her primary care physician, a urologist (it has attacked her kidney), am infectious disease doctor, and a pain management specialist. All with co-pays.

It has taken me a couple of days of rest to recover, as I spent 14 days sleeping in a recliner, meaning I was awake until I was exhausted enough to sleepin in the recliner, and then slept about three hours a stretch.

This week I expect to get back to work on projects like the Scripture Research Project and the ongoing work of the restoration of Nazarene Judaism.

The bottom line is that we really need your help now more than ever.

If you have ever learned something from the research and teaching ministry of James Trimm, or if you simply wish to help us with alms giving, we need your help today. Donations sent by Paypal.com to donations@wnae.org normally reach us the same day (which will help me with dinner tonight and meals over the weekend). Or you can click here: http://www.scripturerestorationproject.com/donate/

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