Mrs. Trimm Hospitalized

My wife in pre-op

For those who do not know, my wife Inga “Kitty” Trimm went into surgery on Friday of last week. She was sent home the same day, but within a few hours an ambulance had to be called to pick her up and take her to the Emergency Room and she was re-admitted. After a couple of days they sent her home again. By the end of the day, as the IV pain meds wore off, she was in excruciating pain and had to go back to the ER and she was readmitted again. This time they discovered a problem with her first surgery they had missed before and they had to perform a second surgery (on Wednesday). Today is Friday and she is still in a lot of pain. Of course the hospital is in a hurry to send her home, but she has been sent home too early twice already, so we are wanting to be sure that her problems really were resolved by the second surgery and that her pain can be managed at home (without IV medications). Right now she is still in a lot of pain, that could not be adequately treated at home. One thing my wife knows is pain, she lives in pain every day, but this is an unmanageable level of pain beyond what she has dealt with these last two years. It broke my heart when she later told me that when the ambulance picked her up, and she was in excruciating pain, that they gave her something real strong. She did not like te “drug trip” psychedelic effects, but she said she felt such a relief. For the first time in over two years, she was not in pain for a short time. “It was such a relief” she said.

As always, I have been by her side here at the hospital (fortunately Covid-19 restrictions recently changed to allow this). I brought my laptop (which is difficult to use here, because the room is so small there is no place for me really to use it. I also brought a handful of books to study. Rest assured that work on my various projects such as the Scripture Research Project, will continue as soon as we get back home. Meanwhile I am still able to do some research and reading.

My only place to sleep in this tiny room is a recliner. I have to be exhausted to sleep on it, and then can usually only sleep about three hours at a time.

This hospitalization is definitely hitting us hard financially. She eats free, but a guest tray for me costs a whopping $10.00 a meal! (at least the food here is good!) We are almost broke now. Also when we leave here we will have to get groceries, because we were almost out when we left home a week ago, plus we will have prescriptions to pick up, at least one of these will cost about $200!

The bottom line is that we really need your help now more than ever. I am literally watching funds to see if I will be able to order a guest tray for myself for dinner tonight (funds are that low).

If you have ever learned something from the research and teaching ministry of James Trimm, or if you simply wish to help us with alms giving, we need your help today. Donations sent by to normally reach us the same day (which will help me with dinner tonight and meals over the weekend). Or you can click here:

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