The Garza-Trimm Hebrew Matthew and Synoptic Origins

The Garza-Trimm Hebrew Matthew and Synoptic Origins
James Scott Trimm

Recently, while working on my translation and analysis of the Trimm-Garza Hebrew text of the Synoptic Gospels, I discovered a reading in Matthew 9:25 which demonstrates not only the close relationship the Garza-Trimm text holds to the DuTillet and Munster Hebrew texts of Matthew, but also, their close relationship as a whole, to the original Synoptic Source behind both Matthew and Mark.

The passage in question (Matthew 9:25) has its synoptic parallel in Mark 5:41. The parallel in Mark 5:41 has Yeshua declare in Aramaic “Tl’ita kumi” (in the Greek of Mark, the Aramaic is transliterated, and then translated into Greek) “little girl arise”. However, this declaration is absent from our received text of the parallel in Matthew 9:25.

Interestingly, in the DuTillet Hebrew Matthew 9:25, Yeshua declares, “kumi, kumi” and in the Munster Hebrew Matthew, Yeshua declares “T’lita kumi”. The Garza-Trimm text has a conflation of these two readings, with “T’lita kumi kumi.”. This reading presents us with clear evidence that the Hebrew of the Garza-Trimm text, is directly related to the Hebrew text in the DuTillet and Munster texts, and is part of this same family of Hebrew manuscripts (which have been shown in the past to descend directly from the original Hebrew of Matthew).

What is especially interesting is that this reading “T’lita kumi” agrees with Mark 5:41 against our received text of Matthew 9:25. This agreement tells us that the Hebrew version of Matthew expressed in these three texts (DuTillet, Munster and now Garza-Trimm) is more closely related to the original synoptic source behind Mark (the Gospel according to the Hebrews), than our Greek text of Matthew.

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One thought on “The Garza-Trimm Hebrew Matthew and Synoptic Origins”

  1. Rabbi Trimm,
    Have you heard of Jim Barfield? the man behind the Copper Scroll Project?
    He uncovered the location of the inventory listed in the Copper Scroll (3Q15) according to the location described in the scroll, in the Qumran area.
    He has been working with the Israeli archaeologists on this project, and his research into the copper scroll and the dead sea scrolls and therefore the Essenes has convinced him to follow the Nazarene faith. And just like you, he is convinced that the original gospels were written in Hebrew, and that someone or some group is withholding the original Hebrew gospels from the public because of doctrinal implications.
    I think he would greatly appreciate your work, and he has resources that can greatly aid your research as well.

    Here is his website.

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