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I want to thank you all for reading my blogs. Because you have shown some interest I want to let you know more about me,. I may blog more about political items than most of you would like -- but we are politicians. Jesus is a king, and like Him He has made us kings and queens as well (Read Peter's letters, read Revelation, chapter one). This makes us political people as well as spiritual people.

Remember Pilate was making a political statement when he attached to our LORD's cross the statement "Jesus: King of the Jews." The Jewish elite didn't like it then any more than they like it today. Of all the members of the Kingdom of Heaven here on earth the LORD has blessed us -- the American Church. This is the blessing we are to fight for -- our right to worship our LORD without interference from the government. Our Founding Fathers wanted it that way and they fought a revolution against the mightiest nation of that time to secure that right.

We have just as much a right to live as we wish just as our enemies do. But our enemies want to sideline us by calling us names and telling any one who will listen that we have no place in a modern, progressive society. Our Progressives call us nuts for believing that Yeshua is the ultimate king, of not only the earth but of the whole universe. The great part of that is the more they argue the more scientific evidence is proving them wrong. So to cover the true facts they have to resort to lying facts. Lying facts that more and more people are seeing through -- Praise be to our LORD.

I am an ill man and am more than ready to go home to Paradise and be with our LORD forever. But I have kids and grandkids that I would like to see grow up in an America that is a first world nation not a third world banana republic, that the Democrats and a few Republicans (Progressives all) want for our future, just so they can get corruptly rich now.

We are now in the battle of our life (try to read the healthcare bills in Congress), our politicians are selling our lives for filthy lucre from the special interests. They don't care about our healthcare system they just care about how much money is in it for them -- our political representatives (Republican or Democrat). While there is still some political light in this nation we should use the right our Founding Fathers gave us and we should vote every chance we get and we should vote out this political crop of people who think of themselves as our "political elite."

Remember this won't be easy -- this is the group that formed ACORN and the motto: "Vote early and vote often." But we can beat them even at this late date because He who is in us greater than he who is in the world. 2010? Are you ready to take back your nation from the evil that masquerades as our political elite? I think so!!!

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Comment by Mikha El on November 25, 2009 at 9:40pm

Thanks for your input here proving ignoring politics will not make it go away.

Hope you get to feeling better soon.. .


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