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Update on My WIfe and Hospital Visit

Let me update you all on what is going on with my wife.

I want to thank all those who have been praying for her, there have been people praying for her throughout the USA and Europe, in Thailand, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, South America in fact every continent on Earth but Antarctica.  There have even been prayers made at the wall in Israel.

OK now for the update. Due to the nature of things the names have been changed to protect the guilty.

As you all know she woke up with severe chest pains at about 2:30 AM last Friday morning so we called an ambulence and went to XXX Hospital.  The people  at the ER were great and after several hours of tests, they admitted her to the hospital and set her up with a room upstairs.  

Her pain was very intense, so intense they were having to keep her on morphine.  They spent Friday and part of Saturday doing tests on her. During this time the pain shifted to her abdomen Then Saturday late afternoon Dr. Kolark who had been assigned as her managing physician, came into the room during a 20 minute window that I was away from the room.  My wife was half out of it on Morphine and asked him if he could wait to talk with me instead, but he dismissed the idea.  He told her that her heart tests all came back negative and that there was "no medical reason" for her pain.  He was discharging her to follow up with her regular physician for GI testing, and that if she had further pain to take Tylenol.  She said that Tylenol did nothing for this pain but he was again dismissive.  She called me and I rushed up to the room.  I went to the nurse’s station and Dr. Kolark was still there.  I asked if I could speak with him before I left and the nursing staff told him I was now in the room and wanted to talk with him (I saw them tell him).  I was told he would come talk with me before leaving.  After a while no one came to the room, so I went back to the Nurses station and was told that Dr. Kolark was gone.  I asked if he could come back, since I had been waiting to talk with him since before he left.  No one could reach Dr. Kolark who had already left the hospital and was not answering his phone.  They were however able to reach another doctor who was on call.  

This doctor said he really could not prescribe pain medication for a patient he had not seen, but himself also unable to reach Dr. Kolark said that she could stay another day so that we could see Dr. Kolark again the next day.  This was acceptable to us. Later Dr. Kolark called back returning the message the nurses had left... he told them we might stay another night, but that he was not going to change his mind about the pain medication.  The nurses had become friendly with us and leaked this phone call to us. After a while Kolark called back and said that he had discharged us and we needed to leave, but the staff decided that the on call doctor was the physician on call, and since he said we could stay, we could stay.  That night and again the next day, they had to administer morphine again for my wife's pain (they used Dr. Kolark's standing orders which he had never receded).  

Well Sunday when Dr. Kolark finally arrived I discussed the situation with him.  He told me that there was no medical reason for my wife's pain. I responded using the Socretean method. I asked if he had a diagnosis and he said "no."  I suggested that this means that this means that he really has no idea if there is a medical cause for her pain.  I pointed out that she could not contact her regular physician on a Saturday or a Sunday and that she was having pain that was of a level that it was being treated in the hospital with morphine, that she should have her pain treated until she can get to her regular physician on Monday or Tuesday.  He agreed at this point to write her a prescription for pain meds and discharged her.  

OK so we went home Sunday and she had pain the rest of Sunday.  Monday first thing we called and got her an appointment with her regular physician on Tuesday morning.  She had pain through Monday and Tuesday at 3AM she woke up to a fever of 103.4 so I rushed her back to the ER.  This time the ER ordered up a sonogram of her gall
bladder.  The ER doctor came back and said her gall bladder was "messed up" and needed to come out.  He admitted her again.  When we realized she was being re-admitted I told the ER doctor that we did NOT want Dr. Kolark assigned to her case.  He responded "don't worry he won't be."  (In fact we had almost not come back to this Hospital because we were so unhappy with Dr. Kolark.  So they sent my wife upstairs.

Once we were back settled in a regular room we waited several hours.  My wife was not thrilled about the idea of having her gall bladder out and in this internet age we were able in these hours to educate ourselves on the topic.  My wife had questions about options and the results of having a gall bladder out.  She was anxious to discuss these with a physician.  

And then to our surprise Dr. Kolark walks in the room with my wife's chart.  What was he doing here?  I could tell my wife was distressed.  We kept our conversation short and as soon as he left the room we contacted the patient advocate (also the Chaplain) who said he had no idea why the ER doctor told us that and expressed that they could not really do much.  He did suggest that the surgeon Dr. X would probably take over the managing care if we asked so that Dr. X would not deal with us.  

Well Dr. X came to our room at a point when my wife had just gotten morphine.  We had already agreed that if she was asleep or whatever unless her death was imminent without immediate surgery, I would not let anyone take out her gall
bladder without her deciding for herself after getting information.  

And when I asked if he would take over the managing care he immediately said "no."   I asked about digestive problems from the surgery and he said that in 99 percent of cases there are none, and that in 1% of cases people have chronic diarrhea.  (this did not match what we had read or what we had heard from those who had the surgery).  He also said that there are not any options.  I asked about specific options I had read about on the internet and he told me that that was just “bad information” and that there were not any options but surgery to remove her gall bladder.  Since she was incoherent I told him she would have to regain coherence and make her decision.  He insisted that as her husband since she was incoherent, I needed to make a decision right now.  He said we needed a decision immediately so he could get the surgery done this evening because he had a full schedule the next day and did not want to have to work late tomorrow.  He also said we should just "get over" our issue with Dr. Kolark.

Well My wife did hear a little of this and we discussed the whole thing afterwards. We decided that we should take her to another hospital.  I said if she got her gall bladder out she would feel better about it if we talked to other doctors at a
different hospital first.  We informed the nurses of our decision, they were very nice about it and agreed that we should give her the ordered antibiotics and get her fever down before signing her out.  

So we did this and Monday evening we left, at first we were going to take her to another hospital, but at this point she was in no pain, and had no fever, so we decided to take her home for the time being and treat her issues naturally pending the return of any pain or high grade fever.

Well it is now Thursday and we are still home and she has been pain free since she left the hospital.  She has had an intermittent low grade fever that has come and gone, but no pain and no high grade fever.  

I will keep you updated, please continue your prayers.

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Comment by Catherine on April 19, 2012 at 10:22pm

We will be praying for her, that she will not need the surgery. 

Comment by A.J. Hoffman on April 19, 2012 at 10:23pm
I lift you up before our Adonai.
Comment by Brian Forbes on April 19, 2012 at 10:41pm

I had my gall bladder out.  My mom had hers out.  My brother had his out.  We were all around 20 years old.  My story might help you with your decisions.

My mom's surgeon left something in her and she had to get cut open twice.  She had a longish (5") scar on her belly for all my life.  Her digestion seemed pretty ok, but she did gain a lot of weight after the surgery.  I told my doctor about this, and he said that weight gain happens more in women than in men.  She told me that she could never feel anything below her scar for the rest of her life.  It was numb.  Other than that, it seems like she didn't have any other problems.

My brother passed a few stones, and he had his issues after mine, so everyone had an opinion.  My other brother likes to do natural health stuff, and he tried him on a dozen things that didn't work, and, in the end, he had it removed arthroscopically (where they make 4 small holes, one bigger one in your belly button, which makes minimal pain and scarring).  He hasn't had many issues with food.

I passed a stone when I was 16.  I was too fearful of my step-mother to do anything about it.  I just endured the pain until it was gone.  It was a small stone, because it didn't hurt very much.  It was the exact same pain, though.  I was 19 when I had the major problems.  It was the pain of death that came on me, all the way up, down and across my back.  My urine was brown.  They identified the stones with an ultrasound, and decided I needed a stent in my bile duct to keep from infection while the surgeon was away.  They put it in, and I remember them doing it, even though I wasn't supposed to be able to remember.  After the stent, no pain at all.  I felt great.  I went home for a couple days.  A guy at work thought he had a natural cure all that he made me drink.  It was terrible, and it didn't dissolve my stones.  I think it needs to be longer than a couple days to fix it naturally.  I went back and they took the stent out, which I remembered again.  The pain was back instantly.  The gastro doctor said that there was a lot of scarring in my bile duct, indicating that I've passed some heavy stones.  So, they prepped me for the surgery by telling me that I needed to be completely naked.  I was naive, and it shocked me that I couldn't have clothes on.  The room was freezing.  That also shocked me.  They drugged me, and did a countdown, and I was out.  I woke up with the worst pain I've ever felt, even worse than passing the stones.  The worst pain was from where they went into my belly button - which they said was done to minimize the pain and scarring.  The problem was that it didn't work that way, and they had to cut a long, 5" gash as well as the 4 holes.  They said that my gall bladder was stuck to my liver.  They finally gave me some pain medicine after about 10 minutes of that horrible pain, and I got addicted to it after a couple days of being on it.  I was seeing dark shadows and such on the walls.  I hadn't eaten in almost a week, and a nice, well meaning nutrition trainee was a little worried for me.  She gave me some shake that tasted bad, and it went straight through me.  In fact, most of what I ate after my surgery seemed to give me digestive problems.  Ironically, though, meat was ok.  The biggest change for me is that I couldn't do Pepsi (which I was addicted to) or Mountain Dew anymore.  Pepsi Throwback wasn't around then, but I can do that now.  I also had problems with orange juice from concentrate.  Oranges or squeezed juice was fine.  Another weird one was ice.  Ice from some restaurants would give me problems every time.  I got the same drink without ice, and I was fine.  If I froze my own ice, I would be fine.  Three things happened to make me normal again.  I cut out the stuff that was giving me problems.  That took me a year to figure out.  My brother gave me a GNC digestive clense thing for my birthday, and that did all sorts of things.  My stuff came all all sorts of colors that month.  After that, my digestion was almost as normal as it was before I had my gall bladder out.  The last thing was a weird thing chiropractors call NAET.  It is so weird, and doesn't make any sense at all, as I've tried to make sense of it, but as long as the Dr. knows what he's doing, it works.  I went in with my wife a couple dozen times to "clear" her of all her allergies.  I went for me once.  I was cleared of calcium, I think.  After that, I could eat the ice that was giving me problems.

So, now you have the details of my story.  Feel free to ask questions.  I don't know if I'll be any more help, though.  This is about everything I could think of putting down.

Comment by Brian Forbes on April 19, 2012 at 10:48pm

Oh, and I forgot to mention, I started to feel the skin below my scar after about 10 years.  I can still tell that it's not normal, but it doesn't feel very tingly when I touch it anymore.

Comment by Aish Tamid on April 20, 2012 at 1:00am

I have had bad experiences with pushy and obnoxious doctors as well. I am sorry to hear how they've treated you guys.

Comment by Chris Brody on April 20, 2012 at 1:54am

All I can say is Halleluyah, YHWH heals!

Comment by Suzanne Utts on April 20, 2012 at 3:03am

It sounds like she has an infected gall bladder. This will not go away. Natural means of treating it are not effective. (I know. I tried them.) What you do not want is for her to have to have emergency gall bladder surgery because the incision is larger for one thing and for another the acute attack is another danger as you don't want the gall bladder to rupture. Now that she is not in pain, it is good to get her stabilized and use this time to find a good surgeon and a good hospital. Then she can have the laproscopic surgery to remove the diseased gall bladder. She will be home the same day as the surgery. Seems unbelieveable but it is true.  The only issues I have are that I can't over do fatty foods because I can't digest them anymore. Too much of anything is not good, so I go easy on chocolate, and I avoid fried foods. Other than that I am fine and I had far less pain with the surgery than I had with the attacks.  

Comment by JEFFREY BRINDLE on April 20, 2012 at 9:35am

As  a physician, I would fully agree with Suzanne's comments about getting a second opinion and getting set up for surgery.  Her points are all well taken and relevant.  God Bless you and your wife in this struggle.  Jeff

Comment by Nat Sarim on April 20, 2012 at 4:35pm

Wow, it's disturbing how many times I have experienced and/or heard a strikingly similar story.

I am NOT throwing all medical professionals together in a box, but experience shows there is but One Physician you can fully trust.

I've never seen a "true" gallbladder issue just "go away", so if it does, we all know who's responsible, Amein?

For the record, my grandmother's was taken out, and Nothing changed at all, same pain, same nausea, everything, they took it out for nothing..she has still has occasional "spells" to this do your best to make sure it truly is necessary...I've never bought into the "uneeded" body part theories...Yahuah put each part there for a reason.

James, us "West Coast Reps" from the Torah Institute gang will keep Ingrid lifted up in prayer brother, believe it.

Blessings of Yahusha Ha'Mashiakh to you all !


Comment by Rhea Elisha Bonsey on April 22, 2012 at 3:24am

Shalom, Rabbi Trimm. We are praying.


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