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The Emissaries' Creed and the Ancient Nazarenes

The Emissaries' Creed and the Ancient Nazarenes
James Scott Trimm

The title Symbolum Apostolicum (Symbol or Creed of the Apostles) appears for the first time in a letter, probably written by Ambrose, from a Council in Milan to Pope Siricius in about 390 AD "Let them give credit to the Creed of the Apostles, which the Roman Church has always kept and preserved undefiled". But what existed at that time was not what is now known as the Apostles' Creed but a shorter statement of belief that, for instance, did not include the phrase "maker of heaven and earth", a phrase that may have been inserted only in the 7th century.

The following chart shows how Jerome’s description of the beliefs of the Nazarenes draws from this oldest known form of the so-called “Apostles Creed”:




The oldest known version of “The Apostles Creed” (Hebraicized):




I believe in Elohim the Father Elyon:

And in Yeshua the Messiah his only begotten Son, our YHWH.


Who was born of the Ruach HaKodesh and virgin Miriam,


And was crucified under Pontius Pilate and was buried, and the third day rose again from the dead,


Ascended into heaven, sits on the right hand of the Father.


Whence he shall come to judge the quick and the dead;


And in the Ruach HaKodesh


The Set-Apart Assembly;


The remission of sins;


And the resurrection of the flesh,



Today there still exists among the Jews in all the synagogues of the East a heresy which is called that of the Minæans,and which is still condemned by the Pharisees; [its followers] are ordinarily called 'Nazarenes';




they believe that Messiah, the son of Elohim,



was born of the Virgin Miriam,



and they hold him to be the one who suffered under Pontius Pilate



and ascended to heaven,
















and in whom we also believe."

(Jerome; Letter 75 Jerome to Augustine)


It appears that when Jerome wishes to describe the beliefs of the Nazarenes, he gives an abbreviated form of the so-called "Apostles Creed".

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