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Tarshish, D.C.: America in the End Times

I have gotten out my Strong's Concordance and my KJV and found every verse dealing with "Tarshish" and the "isles." I will now put them together showing when the prophets are talking about the Tarshish and isles of their time or of our time. I do this from the knowledge of studying this question in the Bible for three decades now. Thanks to this subject the Holy Spirit
has made me an amature eschatologist -- showing the nation of the modern Biblical Tarshish as our modern nation of America.

Over the years of this study I went from a Holy Spirit insirational hunch, to a hypothesis, to a full blown Biblical eschatological thesis. As I put these verses togehter chronologically I will keep you my friends at Nazarene Space informed!

Shalom Aleikhem,

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