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Schtix and Stones: The Books of Enoch Series (May 7th 2012 @ 9pm EST)

Shalom Aleichem everyone, 
Starting on Monday, March 7th 2012, Christopher and JJ Roxx of Schtix and Stones will start on a series on the Book of Enoch.  We have not found that any other Hebrew Roots teachers have done a series covering the entire writings of Enoch front to back and it is time that someone did considering 1 Enoch 1:1 states that this is written for those during the time of the Tribulation.  Well, we have noticed more and more are quoting Enoch in these last days yet I think it is very important that we jump into this prophetic book that was originally in your Scriptures.  
Christopher has been diligently reading the Books of Enoch and taking a massive amount of notes on this prophetic book in getting ready for this series.  And one thing that will help you out is a good translation of the Books of Enoch, and believe me there are many forgeries out there.  But this translation of Enoch was translated by the same translator of the Hebraic Roots Version Scriptures, Dr James Scott Trimm and it includes some great footnotes, and it is the one Christopher is using for this new series on Schtix and Stones.  So if you want a good translation of the Books of Enoch and want to follow along with Christopher and JJ as they do this series on the Books of Enoch live on the radio or through the podcasts, then we encourage you to get this great translation, translated from the oldest sources available.   
           Purchase the Books of Enoch to Prepare for This Series Below

Hardcover $28.99: Order Here 
Paperback $19.99: Order Here 
e-Book      $13.99:  Order Here

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