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America, we have a problem.

The Nazi-Progressive Democratic Party has foisted a hateful racist upon us and now he is our president. For all his talk and the party's talk of Barack Hussein Obama being a post racial politician he and they have shown their true colors -- a hatred of whites and Jews.

In his Wednesday press conference last week, "The Anoited One," his most Magnificent and Merciful, President Barack Hussein Obama (Peace be upon him, PBUH) stepped into political doo-doo by answering the last question posed to him by his hometown newspaper's repoterette, the Chicago Tribune's Lynn Sweet. She asked if he thought the Cambridge, MA police department was being racist in arresting Obama's friend, black Havard Profssor Henry Lewis Gates JR. ? Then, for all of America to see, the nation's chief law enforcement officer, Barack Hussein Obama stupidly answered the question without knowing any of the facts and came off as a stupid racist by calling the Cambridge, MA police department, (and police in America) a bunch of stupid racists.

For "The Anoited One" this couldn't have happened at worse time, just as the nation is starting to wake up from the "hope and change" spell he and the Nazi-Progressive Democratic Party cast in last year's election. The stench of his racist doo-doo is starting to help wake up the nation even more. Now even the Jewish community is starting to see "The Anoited One" as a false Messiah.

Last year 78% of American Jews voted for Obama out of the "hope" the he wouldn't sell out Israel. So how is that "hope and change" working out for them?" They are starting to realize that their vote, 78% of half the Jews in the world has turned the lives of 100% of the other half of the world's Jews over to the whims of the people at the Nation of Islam in Chicago, the Arabs, and the shoal

Even Alan Solow, the Chicago Jew who pushed B. Hussein Obama on the American Jewish community, is beside himself. As the leader of the 52 Jewish organizations backing Obama Solow now realizes he has made a mistake and Israel is in deep trouble. Even Allen Dershowitz can't pull the Arab king bowing, B. Hussein Obama's, chestnuts out of the anti-semetic and anti-Israel fires that Obama's anti-Jewish policies and comments have set.

This is only six months into the Obama Administration, hang on for a rough 3 1/2 years. And remember what ever you do in 2010 be sure to go out and vote for anyone that isn't the incumbant in your Congressional district: as Ben Franklin said, "Rebellion against a tyrant is obedience to God." The 2010 elections is the beginning of our rebellion against the false political Messiah, B. Hussein Obama and his Nazi-Progressive Democratic Party by voting out our incumbants, especilly the traitors or the Nazi-Progressive Republicans. Then we will have the real "change we can believe in."

Shalom Aleikhem,

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Comment by Rav Nadav (Lonnie Miller) on July 28, 2009 at 4:54pm
Powerful post, unfortunately all true!
Comment by nadia tomazic on July 28, 2009 at 8:35pm
Dear Lionel!! My mother is a surviver if smoll concentration camp called Jasenovac Her parents and brothers all perished there We do know all about Nazi and rasism...My mother is collecting all rasist speaches from Israeli leader made in Knesset,she puts them in the frame and they are hanging in hear room...She want her childrens and grandchildrens newer forget fenomena of RASISM She also have framed UN resolution number 3379 which clearli states that Zionism is RASISMMy famili believe that Jews Christians,Muslims and another people beliving in some kind of god are ALL LIERS AND HYPOCRITES....Their dids are contradicting they statements...IT MAKES THEM LIERS....Obama is just one of them and he is rouling in this world Our Messiah said You are in the world but you are not of the world....We are folowers of the Messiah AND WE ARE NOT TAKING THE SIDES OF LIERS JEWS AMERICANS AND OTHER THEY ARE ABOMINATION TO MY FAMILY..For our femily is importen to teach WHAT IS WRON AND WHAT IS WRIGHT IN THE EYE OF THE GOD AND WE ARE CONCENTRATED ONNNNNN ANLY IT ANLY IT
Comment by Lionel Lenox on July 29, 2009 at 10:05am
Thank you both for your comments



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