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The new surgeon general should be putting a warning on these healthcare bills in Congress, and that warning is -- "Warning:Obamacare will kill you."

This is a grand American Progressive idea going back to the late 1800s and is completely keeping with the Progressive, Nazi, Fascist ideology of eugenics. They want to run our healthcare so they can control every aspect of life -- from who is born to who is to die in our society.

Our president, Barack Hussein Obama is known for his whinning that the U.S. Constitution is made up of "negative liberties," only stating what the government can't do and not what it can do. That was so tyrants like our president would be restained. Of course Obama can't figure this out, so once in office he starts to show us what he thinks our government can do -- it can do anything he says it can do; including deciding what kind of healthcare you get or don't get.

In those beheimoth bills in Congress is an article deversifying the healthcare work force. So you won't get the best healthcare just a quota diriven deverse kind of healthcare. If you are old or are sick some bureaucrat in Washington will see if you are deverse enough to recieve any healthcare at all outside of the "painkillers" his most Merciful and Magnificent, Dr. B Hussein Obama would perscribe for you.

This is the driving force of the Nazi-Progressive Democratic Party still today -- eugenics. Don't let these monsters decide when to put you down -- "euthanize" you -- stand up and fight them while you can. Pray for Obama and his family, while praying for his political policies fail. Keep track of your Congressman and Senator's votes on issues that could kill you or at least take away some of your freedom and liberties. Study your Constitution it is a shackel on your politicians, keep them in it.

And no matter what happens remember you to are a king/queen in the greatest kingdom of all -- the Kingdom of Heaven. Study your Bible, get in God's will, and pray against the Obama Administration because they want to control and kill you for the good of your health!

Shalom Aleikhem,

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Comment by nadia tomazic on July 29, 2009 at 9:03pm
I do not know about political ideas and programs bat I do know that America is anly developed countri claiming that universal healt is to expencive for tax payers and two wors and NASA programs are more importan than they felow citizens Operah Winfrey said 34 mill people are without health benefiths 17 mill people in America have to die every year uneceseryfrom preventible dead In so worshiped America milions are perishing as they do in Africa What a lie and hypocracy.. The folowers of Messiah are not of this world ...and why they shuld support any gowerment wich das not care for they own people


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