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Liberal, pinko, Nazi-Progressive political pundit Chris Matthews couldn't help himself by calling West Point "the enemy camp" because, like him, the West Point cadets didn't get a thrill running up their legs from President Obama's surrender speech on Tuesday night.

First President Obama told them and us he was going to send 30,000 troops (25 to 50% less than requested of him by his generals on the ground in Afghanistan) and then pull out all troops from the nation by July 2011. A great King once gave this war advice: "Or what king going out to make war against another king, sitteth not down first, and consulteth whether he be able with ten thousand to meet him that cometh against him with twenty thousand? Or else, while the other is yet a great way off, he sendeth an ambassage, and desireth peace," Luke 14:31-32.

When the Iraqis saw our surge under G.W. Bush was for real they quickly made peace. But why should the Pakistani/Afghanistani Taliban and Al~Qaida make peace if our troops are only going to be there 18 more months? Maybe Barack Obama should stop giving credence to his political advisors and listen a little more to the King of the Universe and wage this war to win.

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