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Joseph Israel and Hillel Ben Yochanan Coming to The Nazarene Radio Network

The Nazarene Radio Network is proud to announce there are 2 new programs in the planning for the new schedule, and both are musicians you may have heard on Shofar of Yeshua Radio.
Joseph Israel has several teaching videos on his Youtube Channel.  Joseph has also appeared on several programs on the Nazarene Radio Network (Schtix and Stones & Two Witness Netsarim) and has shown great wisdom of the Scriptures and has a real insight into prophecy, in his latest appearance on Two Witness Netsarim he talked about the prophecies of Daniel coming full circle into today's time.  (Audio of that Episode can be found here).  He will be appearing again on Two Witness Netsarim on March 8th 2012 at 8pm EST.  Hillel Ben Yochanan is an obvious choice for development of a program on NRN based on his background and knowledge not only of the Old and New Testament, but he also attend Yeshiva and has a deep knowledge of the Scripture and the 1st Century Rabbinical Text.  He is also an acclaimed musician whom recently met with the big gun Gustavo to talk about his music.  Hillel's website can be found HERE and we are excited to have him aboard. The development process of these two shows are at work.  And we are excited to have both of them aboard the Nazarene Radio Network within the next couple of weeks.  Feel free to contact these brothers on Facebook so they can individually keep you updated on the development of their programs and when their premiere episode will be.Joseph Israel's Facebook: Hillel Ben Yochanon's Facebook:

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