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Happy Chanukah: Especially to the Californians

Happy Chanukah to all my Nazarene Space friends especially those of you living in California. I just read an article that our glorious President Obama is ready for a civil war, and if I was him I'd start putting troops in California now.

As this holiday season starts the Californian government has decided to steal 10% more of Californians' income. The government has decided that big screen TVs should be outlawed and any one in the Golden State found with a big screen TV should be fined and/or jailed. All because the state's elite have money to make on the Global Warming scam and California's state politicians are progressives and don't care about how they steward the state's finances.

Thus, as we count our blessings at this time of Chanukah think of the Hellenization or "Californianization" of our brothers and sisters in the progressive utopia of California. And remember as California goes so does the union!

California is just an example of America and this nation's toxic culture. We all need to look inside of us for the Maccabee that will turn away from being Americanized. Remember at this time we are the talmidim of Yeshua, we are to be in this world, but not take part in the sins of this world.

Chanukah Shalom,

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