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End Time Sign of the Times: Modern Napoleonic Complexes

As a modern Biblical sign watcher a headline and little blurb of story caught my eye Saturday and that was the president of Chechnya leading a military operation as was reported on Saturday, October 2, 2009, in a Bloomberg News story.

Bloomberg reported that Chechnya's president, Ramzan Kadyrov, "led a security operation in which eight rebels were killed." The report went on to say that the "Kremlin-backed Kadyrov oversaw the operation against a group of fighters in the mountains of the southern Russian province." Kadyrov said "Thanks to careful preparation, we suceeded in blocking the group and liquidating nearly half of its members in the first hours" of the operation against the Islamic terrorists.

It may have been a little story about a big headed politician, but it made me think this might be the beginning of politicians seeking vain-glory through leading military operations? Remember the Bible teaches that the future politicians such as the king of the North, the king of the South, the kings of the East, Gog, and Antichrist will all have the Napoleon Complex just like this little dictator, Ramzan Kadyrov, president of Chechnya.

Shalom Aleikhem,

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