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Corruption: Spirititual, Political, and Societial

"For the love of money is the root of all evil...," 1 Timothy 6:10

A lifetime ago I was a journalist with a weekly "The Windsor~Standard," and for some reason I was at a hotel in which then New York U.S. Senator Al D'Amato was giving a news conference. I listened to the questions and none of the major reporters asked the senator about the 800 pound giarrila in the room -- that the senator's brother was indicted that week for corruption between his business and the U.S. Government.

So, not knowing any better I asked.

The major reporters smirked and the senator asked me if I was part of the press as that was a "press conference." Needed not to say the senator never answered my legitimate question. And the mainstream media never followed through. That was my experience with political and societal corruption. The senator's brother was found giulty, and the senate "censured" D'Amato and all of it going on with an apathic, corrupt media, that buried the story.

Now it is 20 years later and the politically connected, the polititians, and the enemies of all that is good are in power, conspiraring to get money through corrupt means, proving the Apostle Paul right. One of the things we learn about corruption from the Bible is that it always leads to sin and societial breakdown.

The Bible also tells us that corruption comes with bonds, let's not give up our "glorious liberty" we have as "the children of God," Romans 8:21. Let's put on our armour of God (Ephesians 6) and fight the corruption around us -- especially the propaghanda we are now getting as news. It's corrupt -- think: "Global Warming!" All the money is heading that way.

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Comment by Charlayne Crawford on November 29, 2009 at 11:26pm
try running for sheriff- thats when corruption really shows its ugly head! i am tired of politicians and govt. they are all corrupt. no politicians will be in heaven i do believe. although, they COULD change.......its doubtful.


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