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Honor God

I have been in the process of honoring the Holy Spirit by restoring his name to the Bay of the Holy Spirit (Mobile Bay) for seventeen years. We now have a comenerative sign announcing the Bays Holy name. The web site shows the dedication, newsletters with the dedication speech and much more. I know this activity is to glorify God and this will be the area of the last ingathering.

Please read the mission statement on the archive page.

I will answer any… Continue

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The Process of Salvation

The Process of Salvation

By James Scott Trimm


You may have been told that you are saved, the Scriptures actually

teach that salvation is a process which we "work out" (Phil. 2:12)

with two primary phases. The first of these phases takes place now,

but the second phase does not take place until the resurrection.

In the book of Romans, Paul lays out the two phases of salvation as


But Elohim commends his love toward…


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Myth of the Money Hungry Jew - A Most Important Article that Every Nazarene Should Read....Please

Myth of the Money Hungry Jew

Contrary to popular belief, the Jews do not control America’s financial market or any type of global media outlet, whether entertainment or news based. Having a background in studying the formation and continued expansion of what we know as the New World Order, formerly introduced to the public by President Bush senior on the eve of the Gulf War back in the Nineties, my own research points to a more Greco-Roman… Continue

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Psalms 19 - The Vast Heavenly Bodies are a Clear Manifestation of YHWH's Wisdom, but One Cannot Truely Appreciate Them Unless He Engages in the Study of Torah.

Psalms - Chapter 19

(The following material is compiled predominantly from an anthology of Orthodox Jewish commentary, written and arranged by Rabbi Avroham Chaim Feuer from the Artscroll Tanach Series Tehillim Volume 1. Additional insights from a Nazarene Israelite perspective have been added by Jason Jordan. Additional Tehillim translation by Rabbi Hillel Danziger)


The vast heavenly bodies orbiting with flawless precision… Continue

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