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  • The Nezar Physics Group

    4 members Latest Activity: Jan 2, 2016 This group will be discussing the theroretical physics as it relates to the universe, and the Greatest question in History "Why are we here?"

  • Hebrew Hebrews

    39 members Latest Activity: Nov 8, 2014 A group for discussing the Munster Hebrew Text of Hebrews.

  • Psalms, Songs, Odes, Hymns, and Poems of Scripture

    11 members Latest Activity: Jan 5, 2016 This group is all about the study of the poetical passages of Scripture, especially but not limited to the Book of Psalms.

  • Outreach to Catholics

    11 members Latest Activity: Nov 30, 2013 A group discussing subjects pertaining to the evangelizing and converting of Catholics, and study of Catholicism from a biblical viewpoint.

  • Poetry

    26 members Latest Activity: Dec 24, 2015 A group for sharing Messianic Poetry.

  • Nazarene Community of Malaysia

    4 members Latest Activity: Jan 10, 2016 A group for Nazarenes in Malaysia

  • Xisk

    4 members Latest Activity: Feb 7, 2011

    A Risk Clone for the net developed by NazareneSpace member


    RISK® is a registered trademark…

  • Home Schooling

    37 members Latest Activity: Jan 6, 2016 A group for Nazarenes who are Home Schoolers.

  • Counterfit House of Aaron

    6 members Latest Activity: Jan 30, 2016 The House of Aaron claims to have been restored and reactivated beginning with a special calling of Maurice Glendenning who was a false prophet…

  • Global Warming Myth Exposition Group

    3 members Latest Activity: Jan 8, 2016 Exposing and discussing the MYTH of GLOBAL WARMING.

  • Astronomy

    22 members Latest Activity: Mar 29, 2017 A group for those interested in Astronomy, Astrophysics and Star Gazing.

  • Chess Group

    21 members Latest Activity: Sep 28, 2013 A group for those who enjoy playing chess.  You can play each other by correspondence here.  Just create a "discussion" and post your moves in Chess…

  • Hebrew Matthew

    58 members Latest Activity: Jan 16, 2016

    A place to discuss the various texts of Matthew in the Hebrew: Shem Tob; DuTillet and Munster.


    4 members Latest Activity: Aug 20, 2014 A STUDY GROUP TO SHARE OUR Nazarene Judaism.

  • Scandinavian Group

    20 members Latest Activity: May 27, 2015 An online community and discussion group for Nazarenes in Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Finland and Iceland.

  • Outreach to Asian Religions

    17 members Latest Activity: May 19, 2011 Reaching Hindus, Buddhists, Taoists and others with the message of Yeshua. Scholarly and missionary related discussion.

  • Greater Cincinnati Netsarim

    7 members Latest Activity: May 19, 2011 A group specific to Nazarene believers in the Greater Cincinnati/Northern Ky area.

  • Beware Slander and Lashon HaRa

    41 members Latest Activity: Jun 27, 2016 Beware those who attack with slander and lashon hara. Beware those who cannot prevail in doctrinal debate and thus turn to slandar and lashon hara.












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