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A major key to Spiritual Warfare is self control. Paul writes:

For the implement of our service is not of the flesh, but of the
power of Eloah, and by it we subdue rebellious strongholds.
And we pull down reasoning's and all pride that exalts [itself]
against the knowledge of Eloah, and we lead captive all
thoughts to the obedience of the Messiah.
(2Cor. 10:4-5)

This concept is the theme of 4th Maccabees. Unfortunately only the Greek version of 4Maccabees has ever been translated into English. I have been studying the Aramaic version which has never been published in English. The Aramaic text is especially insightful and is a major key to Spiritual Warfare. In fact 4th Maccabees is one of Paul's source text for his "full armor of Elohim" concept (as I laid out in my recent post on that subject).

So here we begin learning about the "true mind of shalom" and how it can be made a master over those emotions which might impede righteousness, courage, temperance and our walk, that we may not fear and that "a man be not soft before the tribulation".

So here is the literal English translation of the Aramaic of 4Maccabees 1:1-7

1:1 The word of philosophy that I am about to discuss before you:
If the true mind of shalom (peace) is sovereign to the fear of Elohim. I am an upright adviser to you, that you should pay earnest attention in philosophy.
1:2 For it is also necessary for all men to suffer, more especially these are steps to virtue.
1:3 For I bear a good report:
If the mind of balance is over the emotions that stand against temperance, showing that the mind of virtue rules over gluttony [and] over lust.
1:4 And it is not only over the walk, but also over the other emotions that hinder righteousness. It is shown to be sovereign, over fornication [and] evil and over other emotions that impede courage, over rage, and that a man be not soft before tribulation, and over fear.
1:5 And what if a man shall say that if [the mind of shalom] rules over emotions, how is it not sovereign over forgetfulness and over ignorance? But to say this thing is laughable.
1:6 For it is not over its own emotions that it is sovereign, but over the received emotions. Courage, righteousness and temperance, they [rule], and over the walk. And it is not like these [emotions] are abolished but that we not surrender to them.
1:7 And I have many and other [proofs] brothers, that over the emotions rules the mind of shalom that is to the fear of Elohim.
(4Macc. 1:1-7 Hebraic Roots Version)

There will be more to come soon. This is amazing and valuable information for use in the ongoing spiritual fight.

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A few more verses of the Aramaic text of 4Maccabees, never before translated into English:

1:8 But the best indicator I have is those plundered that faced their death by the fear of Elohim, now I speak of Eleazar and seven brothers and their mother with them.
1:9 For they all went over suffering of man unto death, despising surrender. And they proved that the mind is sovereign over the emotions.
1:10 Now I might honor those men now putting my commendation upon them, to go out at this season, because by the fear of Elohim they died with their mother, while I give blessing to them concerning their emotions.
1:11 For they not only astonished all the remnant of the sons of men because of their courage, but also their own tortures. For they caused the downfall of tyranny over the nation. And overcoming the tyrant they purified their land.
1:12 And concerning emotion I shall speak a small account to you. Before that I shall lay out my words of knowledge as I am accustom to do. And then by the help of Elohim the all wise, enter their account.
1:13 The question therefore is this: If the mind is sovereign over emotion.
1:14 But you may ask: What is the mind? And what is emotion? And what are the kinds of emotion? And is the mind sovereign over all of them?
1:15 The mind therefore is thus: That in uprightness we choose the life of wisdom.
1:16 Now wisdom is knowledge of the hosts, of the Godhead, and of manhood and of their effects.
1:17 Now this is the discipline that is in the Torah, that through it also you learn of the Godhead greatly and of manhood to our advantage and obtaining favor.
1:18 Now the forms of wisdom are these: prudence, righteousness, [courage] and temperance.
1:19 Now the head of all of them is prudence because through it the mind rules over all emotions.

The word "courage" is in [ ] because it appears in the Greek but is lacking in the Aramaic. Also the word "prudence" can also be understood as "intelligence".

This is amazing insight for Spiritual Warfare.
At this point I want to comment. Notice that "Wisdom:" is "knowledge of the hosts, Godhead and manhood and their effects. This points us to main topics of Spiritual warfare, understanding the hosts (angels and demons) Godhead and manhood - the nature of Elohim and man as the image of Elohim, the Adam Kadmon, the Sefirot.

Notice also the primary form of wisdom is "prudence/intelligence" (logic?) because through prudence the mind rules over the emotions.
Shalom Rabbi Trimm, how much of Aramaic 4th Maccabees exists? The whole book, or just a portion?

The whole book
I completely understand the concept of the mind being sovereign over emotions. Thoughts produce feelings and those feelings produce actions which produce character then destiny. Therefore the Mind must be in control and true believers can confess having the Mind of Christ. 2 Timothy 1:7 states "that G-d hath not given us the spirit of fear ; but of power and of love and of a sound Mind." Philippians 2:5, "Let this mind be in you , which was also in Christ Jesus." In John 14;10 , Christ states that, " ...the words that I speak unto you I speak not of myself but the Father that dwelleth in me, he doeth the works.." The Battlefield is in the Mind..
Some other portions from the Aramaic text of 4Maccabees never before translated into English:

7:1 For like a swift ship captain, thus was the mind of the aged Eleazar. By way of the steering of the fear of Eloah, his thought was leading, over the great sea of torture and emotions.
7:2 And while threats and tortures of the Tyrant were coming upon him, and tumultuous waves of tribulation.
7:3 And in no way did he turn the rudder from fear of Eloah until he voyaged and arrived to the haven of victory that does not die.
7:4 No city besieged ever held out against mighty vassals coming against its walls and its various parts like this. He was dressed in all the armor. For while his soul was suffering, consumed by torture, and by tribulation, and by burning, he conquered the tribulation because of his mind was fighting with the shield of truth.

13:16 Therefore put on the full armor of authority over the passions, which belongs to the mind that fears Eloah.

15:31 For like the ark of Noach, in the flood of all the world, were the throes within him. And he kept to the covenant and was sustained, and his strong word was fixed.
15:32 Thus also you keeper of the Torah, from every way overwhelmed with emotion you are drawn in and the violent winds of the torture of your sons, here and there weeping they blow. Strong is hope [over] the storm against shield of truth.
Which is the Aramaic word used in 4.Mac to be "Mind" and the word for "Emotions" ?
"Emotions" is CHASHA (chet-shin-alef)

"mind" is RE'YANA (resh-ayin-yud-nun-alef)
Toda, and thank you especially for including the letters

James Trimm said:
"Emotions" is CHASHA (chet-shin-alef)

"mind" is RE'YANA (resh-ayin-yud-nun-alef)
I spent 21 years in the military. It is in the mind that most battles are won or lost. This is especially true of spiritual warfare. Fore it is in the mind that the enemy can gain the most ground. Staying FOCUSED is the key to victory. Messiah spoke much about the mind and how large a part it plays in our success or failure. He taught the thought goes before the act. Keeping our minds on the teachings of our Messiah can get us through the worst the enemy has to offer.
I think for the mind to control the emotions, there must be knowledge, but not just knowledge, must be the knowledge of Torah. But, I believe that Torah is not just knowledge; it is also wisdom. Just the knowledge of the Torah is not of itself complete. There is wisdom in Torah also. The first time I approached an aggressive pit, unleashed, I called upon Yahweh for knowledge and wisdom. Within half an hour i was picking the dog up and putting it in the truck as it was licking on my neck.
Was I afraid? More at the beginning and none toward the end. The Ruach HaKodesh spoke to me and guided me with knowledge and wisdom. There is one other facet of the mind that is needed. Trust. As I listened and obeyed the emotion of fear left and confidence replaced it. Trust in the E l of Torah. I have been bit by a chihuahua, a dachsand, a cat, and a Labrador; but, as of yet, not by a Pit. That trust has moved over into my faith in Yahshua. I am not the emotional person I use to be.













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