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These are beautiful shekels. Take a look and order a least one for each member of your family.

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Nice design! Are they only for decoration though?
There are many reasons to buy them besides their beauty. They are 1/2 ounce of silver, so they are a hedge against the coming inflation of the world's fiat money. They can be used for barter among like minded folks. Silver has historically been used as money. In fact, the Hebrew word for silver is translated as often translated as money. While the world's money has been debased (dross) , these shekels are guaranteed to be 1/2 ounce of silver. On the Road to Tsiyon Messianic Radio program has several recent programs that give all the biblical information on silver and the use of the shekel. Beginning with Real Money #204, Redeemed by Silver #205, The Holy Half Shekel #206, Escape Economic Oppression #207 and Money and Life #208, with more to come. YHWH does not want His People to be unprepared for the trouble ahead. These are being made available at the price of silver, plus costs for minting, shipping, and handling.

These are very nice.  Before I place an order, are they still available?

I cannot find anywhere in your post, how much are the shekels?  You must post it or people cannot buy them!  














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