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Trees of the Field Choreography

Circle formation

PART I  (hands held)
1-4 cross mayim left
5-8 repeat 1-4
9-12 tcherkessia forward
13-16 three step turn to CCW direction, close L to R
17-24 repeat 1-8
25-28 yeminite R hop
29-32 yeminite L hop

CHORUS (release hands)
1-4 moving towards center, step-hop R, step-hop L
5-8 yeminite R hop
9-12 stepping in backward direction, step-hop L, step-hop R
13-16 yeminite L-hop

step R to right side, close L to R, repeat two more times

1-4 balance R, balance L

1-4 open mayim-hops to right (CCW direction)
    R steps to right side, hop, L steps across R & hop,
5-8 R steps to right side & hop, L steps behind & hop
9-32 repeat 1-8 three more times

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Hi Mr.Trim thank you for the steps,who sings this song?Where can I hear it?
This is a great idea,maybe others can share their steps to other songs so dance teams can
come in and share and receives from each others gifts.Thanks again!
Click Below for an mp3 performance:

10 The Trees of the Field.mp3

Traditionally we all clap our hands twice immediately after the phrase "clap their hands"













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