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Dear Rabbi,
I am going to tell you certain things in short. Maybe you will think I am crazy and that I have really lost it. I will tell you in brief about the constant dreams and visions I have about me and the Almighty Father who is waiting for me. These dreams and visions which I have thus far caused that my friends and my family rejected me and most of them I am not permitted not to see them or even go to their houses. So, if I don’t hear from you I will understand.
I grew up as a Christian and my father was a Pentecostal preacher. From that I was a small child I will have dreams and visions that I will ascend into heaven to the Almighty Father. In my dreams I will see HIM speaking to me and He will say unto me: “Be prepared, for I AM coming on the fourth day”! Then I will ascend from heaven with the clouds of heaven and with great power. I do not have to say anything because of this majesty I have.
One morning I had the strangest dream, Moses and Elijah appeared unto me in a cloud while the sun was setting and they told that “the Almighty Father has chosen me and that they (Moses and Elijah) cannot return for I am to be the fourth day of the creation. I, Helgard will give Moses and Elijah the order to return. While I had this conversation with Moses and Elijah I was standing at the house of Obed-Edom.
I still did not get it, as I said that I was a Christian on that particular time. I will always dream about the fourth day that the Almighty Father will come on the fourth day in flesh, and I will see me as the Almighty Father. I will understand that you as the reader Rabbi will probably take an offence of me for saying these things, but I have to speak to someone.
Then one day I had a dream but so real. These dreams of mine are so real. I saw the Almighty Father was passing me by and I wanted to see his face, although HE did not want me to see his face. I went after the Almighty Father, and then He turned unto me, and I fell backwards and I yelled with a great fear. When I looked up into the Almighty’s Father’s face, I saw my own face and that I am the Almighty Father in flesh!!!
I will dream that I will ascend into heaven either by a chariot and a horse into heaven or by just my body and I will spend time with the Almighty Father in heaven for forty days. After a while I will descend from heaven and before my face and body will a burning consuming fire be that no man can stand before me.
These dreams and vision got much intensified the older I got, and still I did not have a clue what was going on. Then one morning on the 1st of January 2005 I was woken up by a voice. The voice said unto me if you want to know what is the fourth day all about and what I have in store for my people Israel make study of the Torah. At that stage I did not know the difference between Christians and Israelites. I thought everyone was the same. I have read the five books whenever we went to church, but I have never made a study of the Torah.
Then six months followed after that I got another dream/vision in my sleep I ascended into heaven and the Almighty Father appeared unto me and He has said that He has chosen me to lead his people Israel. I did not understand this at all. I did not know on that stage anything about Judaism. I saw again I was waiting at the house of Obed-Edom looking to the west where the sun is setting. I was waiting there to ascend into heaven for the Almighty Father had an appointment with me.
I got another dream I was waiting in the clearest water and I was waiting to ascend into heaven to see the Almighty Father for HE has an appointment with me. He is going to change my name and He is going to write on me words in Hebrew with fire. It looks like a tablet of stone or something my body. After I ascended into heaven I descended and as I walked on earth I gathered Israel. I saw heaven torn apart and horses came from heaven. I had a key where I opened and close heaven. I had a star, an only star which people wanted, but could not get, for it belonged to me. This star fell from heaven and belonged unto me and was covered with a huge big rock and I saw people in envy of me.
I had numerous dreams about the house of Obed-Edom and me waiting in the house of Obed-Edom for the right particular moment. I was waiting at the house of Obed Edom and the Almighty Father was teaching me from the five books of Moses and the prophets. He showed me how to eat bread and drink the wine cup. I told Him that I was taught different according to my religion. He has said that I have been taught wrong my entire life, and that He ONLY is going to teach me. So He did.
I flew for the first time to Israel for these dreams got really intense and I did not had any understanding of the fourth day when the Almighty Father will come. I will always dream that I am chosen to gather Israel. As I said I really did not understand this, and this was quite controversial from my Christian being up brought.
I arrived in Tel Aviv and I took the train to Jerusalem where I spent the night. The following day I took a bus to the Mount Sinai in Egypt. When I got there I had no luggage, except my Bible. I started to fast in prayer where I dreamt more and more intense dreams where I will ascend into heaven and come back to earth with clouds surrounding me. During that time I still was reading my Bible vigorously, but I still had no answer what the fourth day and all these dreams meant. I did not have any food coming over my lips for 63 days. Then on my 40th day of fasting I remember the voice which spoke to me which said that I have to study the writings of Moses. So I did. And when I started, I started at Exodus 1 and when I got to Exodus 19 to Exodus 34 I saw all my dreams what the meaning meant. It was thou I see a code encrypted within scriptures and dialogues. It was so extreme that I was stunned, I was speechless for days. I phoned my parents, friends and family back in South Africa, they thought I was crazy. My friends, the people from my church rejected me. One church thrown me out literally, I was even on the front page of the newspaper that I was crazy.
It has been nearly 9 years that the more I read, the more I see when, how the King Moschiach will appear from heaven. As I said I have never been taught any teaching from a Jew, a Rabbi, but the things I know is so extreme – none of friends or family understands me when I speak about the books of Moses and the hidden message. It is thou I see myself in the scriptures of the prophets and the Torah. These people wrote about me. I say to friends and family that every time when I start to study and reading the Torah I see more things which are hidden. My wife and parents began to listen to me more over the years. They say I have to go to a Jew or a Rabbi for they have never heard such things. I said unto them that I totally agree. These secrets which I get within the writings of Moses are so huge and for surely the Christians do not even preach it. No man has ever made these things known unto me.
I have started to write the book of the coming of King Moschiac on the fourth day and with hundreds of scriptures which is encoded in the Torah as the proof to it.
I honestly do not know where to turn to for help. I am currently in the United States.
Hope to hear from you. If I don’t hear from you, I fully understand.
Take care,
Helgard Muller

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I've just read this again. I have never heard of anyone having as vivid and scriptural dreams as you. Any progress on your book yet?

Mikha El, I have to say "vivid" is wrong . . . the Scriptures makes it very clear that the Son of David will come on the fourth day. You will find it in the Law of Moses, Psalms and the Prophets that predicts that the Son of David will come on the fourth day. Even one of the old rabbi's prophesied about the fourth day.


I wasn't refuting your assertion. Only wondering about how the book is coming along.

in order to help you, we need to understand.

the Scriptures makes it very clear that the Son of David will come on the fourth day. You will find it in the Law of Moses, Psalms and the Prophets that predicts that the Son of David will come on the fourth day.

where in the Scriptures does it prove the fourth day? please point it to us first.

When we read about the six times when Moses went up to mount Sinai, you will see that the last time when Moses went up to mount Sinai prophesying about the FOURTH DAY. Genesis one prophesying about the FOURTH DAY. You need to know the difference between Elohim and YHWH to understand the differences between the first tablets of stone and the second tablets of stone. The prophets prophesying about the fourth day, the coming of Son of David. The Scriptures speaks about four temples in Jerusalem. The fourth temple is the complete temple. King David prophecies about the fourth King over Israel. The Scripture is prophesying about the fourth name which will be given to Jerusalem. Men are reading the Scriptures but they do not see the FOURTH ONE, THE SON OF DAVID, coming on the FOURTH DAY!!!

My laptops were stolen out of my house two weeks ago, and therefore I have lost a lot of my information. I am not a writer, but is looking for a someone to write it.

Tel: 760-501-5100

Sorry to hear about your misfortune Helgard. I hope you find your missing laptops.

I have looked as best I can for the "six times" Moses "went up" mount Sinai but can only find 3:

Ex 24:15

Ex 32:30

Ex 34:4

Could you point out the other 3 times please.

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