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So the Polygamists have a Nickname for Me....

So today I learned that the Polygamist community is so displeased with my scholarly articles against polygamy that they have a nickname for me. It seems they commonly refer to me among themselves as "The Dark Prince" Lol!

Me?.... I'm just a warm li'l fuzz ball!

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 This is becoming quite common. Recently, A woman stated her stance as pro-Ismaelic, speaking ill of christian ideology in general. Why? I offered no money for beer cigarette breakfast and type. I am a bad male for not helping. I had offered something different at times. She sputters the Islamic praise in racism.

 Found this today, in Zola Levitt 5/2010, which a remember telling her that the culture she speaks.

   Der Fuerer praised this male dominant religion of Islam, and spoke it to be worthy of the Reich. These are not kindly theological doctrines, and tell women their need to get back in place. Slavery too went on long after elsewhere it was abandoned.

These now return the compliment,and quote him and his mindset, which is to finish the Holocaust.Adonai Help Us

Polygamy all over the Bible but it is not like today's-let see how many wives out there are ready to give their husbands another mate?

Multiple wives!!!!  please no,  I can't keep up with the chores with one wife .

One more thing ,  One of these so called ( Rabbis ) ruined the  marriage of his wife and congregation . For what  , so he could justify his lust for another woman.  By calling you (  Dark Prince ) should be a badge of honor.  I'm sick of these so called teachers who twist scripture to fit their narrative  ! 

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