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I had a question about the book of Enoch. Your translation said ;the sons of elohim came to earth ... Then the lord yhwh said... Could the watchers sons of god or fallen angels in other translations be from a diffren father than YWHA your translation makes more since and when I looked up eloihm it meant god where YWHA ( probably spelling wrong sorry) is God most high father of Jesus .

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First of all don't worry about the spelling we all get it wrong at first, at least it's a concern for you.  You can spell it YHWH, or Yahweh.  Also "sons of god" and "sons of elohim" are exactly the same. Yahweh is Most High, "El" in Hebrew. 

The main problem with understanding elohim and god is this.  Our 20th century western mind dictates to us that "god" means a superior being who created everything.  God or god has attributes.  The word doesn't carry any attributes what so ever.  It cant.  Elohim in the Hebrew Bible has about six or seven translations.  1 God of Israel "Yahweh", 2 Angels, 3 Demons 4 Gods in Yahweh's council, 5. Gods of the Nations, "Pantheons" 6. goddess, 7. Disembodied Spirits of the dead "Samuel"  Notice there are no humans there.  This is not about any attribute, it is not a who or what, but a where.  Where are they from?  Another realm, dimension, "Heaven" That is what I'm talking about.  God or Yahweh would tip the scale if attributes were involved.  Michael Heiser puts it best, he says, Yahweh is an elohim but no elohim is Yahweh. He is species unique, if you could call Him a species.  He is so different there is no beginning of any comparison.  So when we say God, vs god, we mean that as a god is different and in many ways better than us, Yahweh "God" is better and different than god's. I hope this explains it.  I suggest you look up Michael Heiser's Papers on elohims or look for him on YouTube.  You won't be disappointed. 

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