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Thanks Giving is not Khunukkah nor is it the fall Feastival of Tabernacles, much less any other Scriptural Feast. It is there for pagan no matter how much some one wants to adhere to it.


Yawrobawm/Jeroboam claimed to move Yahuwah' Feast from the seventh month to the eighth month. He did not have the authority to do so, as Yahuwah' Moadim/ Appointed Times never change. This is but only one of the sins that got Yisra-Ail kicked out of Yhe Promise Land. We should not be followinging in the footsteps of sinful man (Yawrobawm/Jeroboam), but we should be following Yahuwah' Word (The Scriptures) alone for our lead.


Where these pilgrams keeping the Shabbawth? No. Where they keeping Yahuwah' Feast/ Appointed Times? No!


Just because they did not like the original pagan feast days does not justify starting their own feast days/appointed times in which they would try and meet-up with Yahuwah. They like the catholic church were only rewriting religion to fit their own taste. Yes they were closer to the Scriptures than many but they were not 100% correct either. They had copies of the Bible for years and still did not come to a correct understanding of Yahuwah and His writings to us.


Thanks Giving was one of the places where they were wrong! It falls in the same catagory of Yawrobawm/Jeroboam purposed in his heart to create his own temple, altar, and appointed days (see: 1Kings 12:26-13:5). Yahuwah sent a man to tell him (Yawrobawm) that He (Yahuwah) was against his (Yawrobawm) heart' purpose, and that it would not be excepted.


Thanks Giving as we know it today, as it was as well in the days of the pilgrams, was purposed in man' heart to do things there way and not by the Written Word of Yahuwah. It was atributed as sin for Yisra-Ail to worship in Yawrobawm' way as it is a sin for us to worship the pilgram' way.



Where these pilgrams keeping the Shabbawth? No

Some of them were.
Not that I celebrate thanksgiving anyway, just thought I'd add that fact.

In fact the first pilgrims were 7th day sabbath keepers and didnt keep any of the pagan christian days either.
Solomon Avar said:

Where these pilgrams keeping the Shabbawth?   No

Some of them were.
Not that I celebrate thanksgiving anyway, just thought I'd add that fact.




I was not aware that pilgrams were 7th day keepers. I will have to look further into this.

But I did mention that they did not keep the Roman'/christian'/pagan'/church feastivals.


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