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BREXIT and Herbert W. Armstrong

What would Herbert W. Armstrong have thought about Britain's vote to exit the European Union?

Started by James TrimmLatest Reply

So the Polygamists have a Nickname for Me....

So today I learned that the Polygamist community is so displeased with my scholarly articles against polygamy that they have a nickname for…

Started by James TrimmLatest Reply

Why is Dan Excluded from the 144,000

Question for discussion: Why is the tribe of Dan excluded from the 144,000?

Started by James TrimmLatest Reply

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What is the Mark of the Beast?

What is the Mark of the Beast?  What do you think?

Started by James Trimm

163 2 hours ago
Reply by Ranel Sanchez Marian

The Book of the Law vs the Book of the Covenant.

Today I listened to a rather challenging message concerning the Book of the Law, the Book of the Covenant and Galatians. I  must admit I do…

Started by Rhea Elisha Bonsey

1 on Saturday
Reply by Mikha El

What is the significance of "Hebrew" in Hebrew being "Ivrit?"

What is the significance of "Hebrew" in Hebrew being "Ivrit?"

Started by John

13 on Wednesday
Reply by Nat Sarim

When will I/we know?

When will we know the time is near and are there plans for it all? Or is it better to just pray for Yahweh reveal to me by whatever means,…

Started by Andrew Larmour Severson

1 Nov 23
Reply by Mikha El

"Better Than"?

I have 2 meetings now with a X-tain "pastor" I know of concerning NJ. Everything I tell him seems to go in one ear then out the other. I ha…

Started by Mikha El

1 Nov 15
Reply by beryl etanah

Another Cave!

Excavation will begin soon at another cave recently discovered at Qumran.

Started by Mikha El

0 Oct 22

The Fourth day

Dear Rabbi, I am going to tell you certain things in short. Maybe you will think I am crazy and that I have really lost it. I will tell you…

Started by Helgard Muller

6 Oct 22
Reply by Mikha El


For some reason a number of people have in recent weeks sent me the greeting "shalum" which is a bit confusing. "SHALOM" means "peace" but…

Started by James Trimm

6 Oct 8
Reply by Michael A. Banak

The name Hashem

  Just wondering how many feel they are saying the name  correctly  ? Please show  correct vowel pointing,,,,, and why Lord , God ,  Adanoi…

Started by Rick

13 Oct 7
Reply by beryl etanah

Messianic Karaite Judaism = Islam

Messianic Karaite Judaism = Islam  I found this picture here to the side to be blatantly obvious where Karaitism came from, as you can s…

Started by The New Oye In Town

24 Sep 24
Reply by beryl etanah













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