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Does the Jewish Encyclopedia Prove the Lunar Sabbath?

Does the Jewish Encyclopedia Prove the Lunar Sabbath?ByJames Scott Trimm Lunar Sabbatarians have taken delight in quoting passages from t…

Started by James TrimmLatest Reply

How Do You Handle Halloween?

How do you all handle Halloween? Do you just not answer the door? Do you put some kind of sign on the door? Do you give away anti-Hallow…

Started by James TrimmLatest Reply

Reunion with Judah- Orthodox or Nazarene Judaism?

When we talk about the reunion of the two houses, I think of Nazarene Judaism as the true representative of the House of Judah, not Orthodo…

Started by James TrimmLatest Reply

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Tithes and Offerings Requesting comment on this Messianic teachers video.  Videos, actually, there is a Part 2 and 3…

Started by Selena Garrett

5 on Saturday
Reply by Mikha El

Book of Jasher

I'm curious what my communities opinions might be on the story of Noah where the Lioness brought her two whelps before Noah and they crouch…

Started by Denise Worley

0 Apr 2

Another "Judah"?

Imagine coming across this zealous brother on your street corner... ...whom seems to be hingin…

Started by Mikha El

1 Mar 29
Reply by Mikha El

In Search Of The Holy Language!

I'm new to this forum.  I am a messianic Jew and has written several book that many here might find intriguing.  I also look forward to sh…

Started by Author Anita Meyer

11 Mar 28
Reply by Author Anita Meyer


Does Wiki have this correct? Was this "Herod the Great" the same Herod that oversaw the construction of the 2nd temple and instigated the M…

Started by Mikha El

1 Mar 8
Reply by James Trimm

The Lunar Sabbath Error

The Lunar Sabbath Error By James Scott Trimm   The Lunar Sabbath Doctrine is a teaching that has taken root among many in the Hebraic-Root…

Started by James Trimm

100 Feb 20
Reply by Yochanan


A rabbi from the messianic Jewish movement made this statement in his promotion of his first part of a series he started in the congregatio…

Started by Mikha'ELa

27 Feb 20
Reply by beryl etanah

Star of David

 What is up with some saying the star of David is a symbol of a strange god. I could use some clarification on this. They are sighting Amos…

Started by Denise Worley

4 Feb 15
Reply by Mikha'ELa


you celebrate why, when and how?

Started by Mikha'ELa

0 Feb 12

Salvation- is Yahudah since old already been saved?

Shalom everybody! There is something I want everybody to have a very close look into it. It is something I came over in the last 2 weeks wh…

Started by Mikha'ELa

12 Feb 1
Reply by Mikha'ELa













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