A Question for the “Zadokite Calendar” Keepers.

There is a resurgence in the movement of those advocating the Qumran Solar Calendar, calling it the “Zadokite Calendar” and claiming that the Qumran scrolls are actually the work of renegade sons of Zadok, a priestly caste banished from the Temple of Jerusalem by Greek rulers in 2nd century BC, and not Essenes at all. (My prior blog The Qumran Community were Essenes demonstrates conclusively that the Qumran scrolls are of Essene origin.)

It is interesting that these Zadokite Calendar advocates cherry pick the Qumran Solar Calendar, while ignoring most of the rest of the halacha in the Dead Sea Scrolls. If one is going to adopt the Qumran Solar Calendar on the basis that the Qumran Community were the true Zadokite priests banished from Jerusalem and were preserving the true customs, why would one not also adopt the Qumran Sabbath Halacha, which advocates allowing a man to die, rather than using a tool to rescue him on the Sabbath:

“No man shall eat on the Sabbath day aught save that which is prepared or perishing (in the field). Nor shall one eat or drink unless in the camp. (If he was) on the way and went down to wash he may drink where he stands, but he shall not draw into any vessel. … No man shall walk after the animal to pasture it outside his city more than two thousand cubits. None shall lift his hand to smite it with (his) fist. If it be stubborn he shall not remove it out of his house. No man shall carry anything from the house to the outside or from the outside into the house, and if he be in the vestibule he shall not carry anything out of it or bring in anything into it. … Let not the nursing father take the sucking child to go out or come in on the Sabbath. … No man shall help an animal in its delivery on the Sabbath day. And if it falls into a pit or ditch, he shall not raise it on the Sabbath. … And if any person falls into a place of water or into a place of… he shall not bring him up by a ladder or a cord or instrument. No man shall offer anything on the altar on the Sabbath, save the
burnt-offering of the Sabbath, for so it is written `Excepting your Sabbaths’.”
(Damascus Document 10:14-11:18)

Moreover, refusing to rescue an animal from a pit on the sabbath is a halacha that Yeshua specifically repudiated (Matt. 12:11).

Moreover, the Qumran scrolls prohibit traveling more than 1,000 cubits on the Sabbath:

“One may not travel outside his city more than 1,000 cubits… A man may not voluntarily cross Sabbath borders on the Sabbath Day. A man may walk behind an animal to graze it outside his city up to 2,000 cubits.” (Damascus Document 10, 20; 11, 3)

Whereas the Mishna permits travel up to 2,000 cubits in any direction:

“He who went forth [on the Sabbath] on a permissible mission, but they said to him, `The mission has already been completed,’ has two thousand cubits in every direction [in which to travel].” (m.Eruvin 4:3)

2,000 cubits (not 1,000 cubits) is exactly the distance called a “Sabbath Day’s Journey” in Acts 1:12. When Israel was in the wilderness, the “camp” had a radius of 2000 cubits in all directions (see m.Rosh HaShanna 2:5) and the “place outside the camp” where offering of the red heifer was made, was located at the Mount of Olives (m.Middot 1:3). Thus, when we read of the Emissaries that they: `Then returned they unto Jerusalem from the Mount of Olives, which is from Jerusalem a sabbath day’s journey.’ (Acts 1:12) we are to understand (with the Mishna) that a “Sabbath Day’s Journey” is 2,000 cubits ( .7 miles) and not the 1,000 cubits set by the Qumran scrolls.

And finally the Qumran scrolls advocate the “Works of the Law” teaching that is so strongly repudiated by Paul (see my blog What do You Mean… Works the Law?)

It seems odd indeed to cherry pick the Qumran Calendar on the basis that the Qumran community were the true Zadokite priests in exile, while rejecting other elements of Qumran halacha. And yet, accepting these other elements of Qumran halacha would have to mean rejecting the very teachings of Yeshua and his Emissaries!

Why cherry pick the Qumran Calendar while rejecting much of the rest of the Qumran halacha?

In another blog soon, I will explain the true origins of the Qumran Solar calendar.

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  1. Just a question I totally believe the month of Aviv is looking for the barley but for some reason a lot of people are saying no you don’t have to I get it just rip this page out of the bible I don’t get it says it’s the month of barley.But here’s my question say if you put the system of the sack kite calendar to exodus 16 not lunar but numbers the 22,would be a Sabbath going back into the first month you get 3,10,17 and 24 ite seems Sabbath days.Here’s the question if you go forwards to the 7th month you get the day of atonement landing on a Sabbath they have the 10th on a Friday I believe.Could they be 1 day off,there is a discrepancy.What’s your thoughts.

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